MBBS in Philippines - DURATION 5 YEARS

Philippines qualification is globally recognized including the Medical Council of India. Philippines offers American system of medical education and the Primary Medical qualification is M.D. degree (MBBS).
Philippines is the third largest English speaking country. From the time when Philippines become colony of America, Philippines follow American education system. This opens your door for global opportunities.
Doctor of Medicine is awarded to students after completing four years degree program. This is equivalent to that of MBBS degree. In the first year, the basics of medical sciences are taught. From the second year onwards to third year, these courses focus on specialized areas. Fourth year includes clinical rotation in different departments.
Degree awarded by different universities is recognized by World Health Organization. Even the Medical Council of India recognizes the degree awarded by these institutes and permits the aspirants for the screening test in India.
There are many medical universities in Philippines including University of Perpetual Help but the hospital sizes are like private medical colleges in India. The climate matches almost like Indian weather. There is a growing range of MBBS universities in Philippines.

Why Study MBBS in Philippines

Philippine is truly the best choice if you are looking to do your medical education abroad.

In India, there are entrance exams that students need to clear before entering actual medical school. But in Philippines there is no entrance exams exist and student can attend their dream college by getting admissions.
The university provides all the best facilities at the lowest prices that suites everyone’s standard of living.
Degree Recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI): The accreditation with MCI defines the MBBS holder from India and an MD holder from Philippines at the same level.
Climate and disease pattern is similar to that in India, giving the students a firsthand practical experience before they start practicing.
There are scholarships for the international and the national students and for this they need to appear for an examination. Depending on the merit of the students they get a discount in the form of scholarship.
Success rate has been found out that students passing out from Philippines are known to have 100% success rate. The students are known for passing the USMLE with high standards. This is evident while dealing with a high standard rate of the Medical education in Philippines.

Benefits of MBBS for Indian Students

Students graduate from medical colleges in Philippines with a globally accepted medical degree that is suitable for USMLE and other medicine licensing examinations.
Unique coaching is provided to students training them for the MCI screening.
Eligible to practice in India after registration.
Many medical colleges in Philippines provide MBBS scholarships.
Excellent boarding and lodging provided by the university. Separate Hostel for both boys and girls. Availability of Indian food for students.
No donation fee is required for admission. The MBBS in Philippines fee structure is very affordable.
The medium of instruction is English. Also 94% of the population is literate making communications in hospitals very easy.