The Republic of China has grown amazingly in the field of education. It has become an educational hub for students from all over the world. Now china has some of the best science and technology R&D universities in the world.
Studying in China is beneficial in many ways where at first the cost of education in is very little. Throughout the world, education in the field of medicine is most expensive, on the other hand China amazingly high quality education at a very reasonable cost. A Chinese degree is highly recognized all over the world and internationally approved.
Today, medical education in China has become very popular among Indian students, who pursue and complete their MBBS programs and become qualified doctors. Currently, there are many medical universities that promote the medical education along with many other facilities. They also maintain their culture and tradition in the education system.
The tradition continues even today in the field of medicine. In fact, it can largely be said that today, China is the fastest growing destinations in the world that attracts large numbers of students to study MBBS
If you are an Indian student aiming to pursue higher education in China, our GLOBAL MIGRATION team will be very helpful to you in achieving that goal.


Most medical college in china has better infrastructure and facilities when compared to their counterparts in our nations. Moreover, the application process is also pretty straightforward. The prime requirements in most of the medical schools are just an aggregate of 50% in sciences and math to qualify for admission.
Like many other countries china doesn’t conduct difficult entrance examinations that you need to be cleared before attending the medical school. Your MBBS dreams can be pursued without being destroyed by such entrance tests.
In China, no such pressurizing counselling based on entrance exam exists and you are free to join any university of your choice. This is one of the main reasons that most of the students prefer china for MBBS.
Affordable fees structure and living. Fees start mostly from Rs. 2.5 Lakhs for many universities.
Practical approaches are embedded right from the beginning because of the well-equipped hospitals associated with universities.
As the Climatic conditions varies in the country’s geographic region, enabling the students to choose a location of preference that has their best suited climate.
China provides state of the art hostel facilities with separate hostels for foreign students.